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Here, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most common questions about living with us. Whether you’re curious about amenities, policies, or the local area, you’ll find all the information you need to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Moving out

Category: Moving out

We will send the tenant instructions for moving out when we have received the notice of termination. Following these instructions will ensure a quicker return of your security deposit: 

  • Clean the room and common areas (especially the kitchen and the bathroom) according to the cleaning instructions, with the idea that the room will be in the same condition as when you got it and that a new tenant could move in immediately. You can find cleaning instructions here.
  • Cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom is the responsibility of the tenant moving out, even if another person stays in the apartment. Together with your roommate, make sure the apartment is left in the agreed condition.
  • Ensure that there are no personal belongings left in the apartment (including the private room, kitchen, toilet, common areas, balcony, and storage rooms) other than the items provided by Antti Korppi Student House. You can find the equipment list here.
  • Leave used sheets on the bed in your room and personal utensils on the shelf washed for the next resident (2 Plates, 2 Side Plates, 2 Bowls, 2 Deep Plates, 2 Glasses, 2 Mugs, 2 Knives, 2 Forks, 2 Spoons, 2 Small Spoons). Sheets can be left used on the bed, but the dishes must be washed.
  • If you leave the apartment uncleaned or any items/trash in the apartment, cleaning and emptying costs will be deducted from the deposit, starting from 50 euros according to the price list.
  • Return your keys with the key ring. If the key has no indication of which room it belongs to, the refund will be delayed or an extra charge will be applied.
  • The security deposit will be returned to the tenant at the end of the lease agreement, once rent and other fees have been paid, keys have been returned, the apartment has been emptied and cleaned according to the cleaning instructions and inspected. Leaving items or not cleaning up will delay the return of the deposit.
Category: Moving out

You can terminate the contract with a notice period of one full calendar month. A full calendar month means a period corresponding to one month of the calendar, starting on the first day of the month and ending on the last day of the month (for example, the 1st of October to the 31st of October is a full calendar month). 

For instance, if you wanted to move out on the 15th of December, you would need to terminate your contract at the latest on the 31st of October.  

Contracts always end on the last day of the month. You can terminate the contract by sending an email to info@anttikorppistudenthouse.fi.

Category: Moving out

You will receive instructions on how to return your keys when your termination is confirmed. Please make sure that the key has a key ring with the number of the room in it.

Category: Moving out

Our contracts always end on the last day of the month so even though you are leaving earlier during the month, we cannot refund the rent for the remaining days.

Category: Moving out

You can find all the important information about moving out here.

Category: Moving out

The security deposit is refunded after your contract has ended and if the conditions of the contract have been met. Make sure that you have emailed your bank details to info@anttikorppistudenthouse.fi for the refund. The deposit usually takes 1-2 weeks to be returned, provided the property has been handed over in the agreed condition. If the room has not been returned as instructed, it may take 2-4 weeks.