AnttiKorppi Student House is a home for students moving to Helsinki for their studies. AnttiKorppi Student House offers furnished and equipped shared rooms. Rent includes the apartment, electricity, heating, water, cleaning, and other additional services.


Welcome to the Antti Korppi Student House! Below you will find instructions for moving in and out.


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Room equipment

In addition to furniture, all rooms come with sheets, kitchen supplies, and household items. Each shared apartment consists of two single rooms with a shared kitchen and bathroom.

Parking space rental

We offer rental of parking spaces with electric outlets at Antti Korpin tie 4, 00600 Helsinki.

Apartment maintenance

Take care of cleaning up after yourself and maintaining cleanliness. Familiarize yourself with home care through the links below.


Submit a maintenance request here

View the cleaning instructions here.

Maintenance & prices

Carefully familiarize yourself with the tenant's maintenance and liability for compensation.