Maintenance & prices

Tenant’s maintenance and compensation responsibility: Instructions and price list

You must notify the rental housing company as soon as possible if something happens in your apartment, such as:

  • Water damage, such as a leaking faucet, toilet, pipe, or roof (please call +358 4527 766 01 / 24h)

  • Faults and repair needs, such as broken equipment, furniture, or parts of the apartment

  • Electrical faults, such as a broken socket, lamp, or heating

  • Pest problems, such as cockroaches, mice, or rats

  • Crime, such as burglary, vandalism, or fire (call 112 immediately)

The landlord can bill the tenant for cleaning, repairs, and other additional costs resulting from the tenant’s or their guests’ negligence or intentional actions. If the damage or disturbance is due to a matter falling under the maintenance responsibility of the housing company, the housing company is responsible for the repair costs. If you do not report the need for repairs during your tenancy, they will be charged from your security deposit. Normal wear and tear are not charged.

The landlord uses this price list as a basis for billing, but it is not binding. The tenant is charged according to the actual costs incurred if the costs exceed the minimum charges specified below. The price list may change. Late payment will result in a late payment interest and collection fee.

You can read more about the rights and obligations of tenants here: korvausvastuu/ and in several other languages here: